Best Villa Designers in Dubai Complete list

Luxury Villa’s in Dubai and it’s Designer

Developing any type of architectural and interior design project is going to be a long time relationship between the client and the entire interior design company. There will be a mutual partnership between the team and the owner that shall be meticulously written on an agreement and be signed by both parties. Having a couple of changes and the additional requirement is a normal situation in every project agreement, conversely, both parties shall make sure that any additional details or changes shall be amended with a signature of approvals to avoid any inconsistency towards the work performance and the written agreement. In this article, we have picked the best villa designers in Dubai and their masterpieces. This may contribute great ideas on which designers are showing off the best style that suits your taste. These villas are located in the prime residential areas in Dubai, where most of the luxurious and prestigious villas can be found. These residential areas are also the top selected choice for the family and bachelors, as it is located at the best spot of the city, the security and leisure are never compromised as it has been considered at the elite residential locations.

  1. Luxury Villa in Palm Jumeirah (Interior design) by Katrina Antonovich of Luxury Antonovich Design

This Luxurious villa represents a great combination of style and a perfect form of luxury that represents great design sophistication. Katrina Antonovich along with her creative design team has performed a dynamic aesthetic interior design set up which has been composed of every elegant interior design features. Indeed, this magnificent interior design arrangement represents a harmony and perfection from the best selection of prestigious flooring design, artistic wall decorations and special features perfectly arranged furniture’s and decorations up to the flawless form of the ceiling. Luxury Antonovich Design has performed another world-class interior design set up with this luxurious villa which has been perfectly planned and arrange along with systematic procedures and development as it has been successfully achieved the most desired interior design requirements of the client.

Luxury Antonovich Design is the full development of this amazing interior design setting from the space planning, interior design procedures, fit-out work up to the turnkey solutions. As the top architectural and interior design Company in Dubai and international, Luxury Antonovich Design team with the great leadership of its chief designer and the CEO herself, Ms Katrina Antonovich never fails to impress its valued clients by providing world-class services and great results.

  1. Elegant Exterior Design in UAE by Katrina Antonovich of Luxury Antonovich Design

Luxury Antonovich Design is very well known as the best provider of elegant classic architectural and interior design creations. This royal style exterior design for the villa is a great representation of professionalism and art towards attention in every detail and style. The entire exterior design setting is featuring detailed art and carvings in every part of the exterior wall. Luxury Antonovich’s design has been created the perfect balance in the elevation that has resulted in a proportional exterior design setting. The roof design has been perfectly accompanied by an extreme art deco featuring different forms of sculptures and the full outdoor gypsum artwork. The entire exterior design setting gives a dramatic panoramic view as it has been very well established with the best landscaping design setting which is another specialty of the Luxury Antonovich Design. The team has emphasized the royal style design of the full exterior as they have been arranged an amazing lighting positioning towards the full exterior walls.


  1. Private Residence, Al Awir, Dubai by Idea Art Interior Architects

This spacious private villa has transformed into a lively and energetic design having its modern style concept that creates a very trendy and classy look towards the full area. The Idea Art Interior Architects team has been selected a very nice combination of modern furniture design and the full decorations. Different geometrical shapes and decorations are visible towards the full area that levels up the form of artistic design and special design features.

  1. Jumeirah Villa, External Al Majlis by Eng. Maher Mouhajer of Mouhajer International Designs

This Luxurious Villa has been filled with a set of glamorous interior design features with a great influence of a modern Arabic inspired style. The full interior design set up looks very stunning and lively as the interior designer has been selected a set of pleasant furniture design and has been creatively matching with an elegant set of decorations. The exterior design looks very stunning and lively especially during the night as they have been installed an amazing lighting design arrangement that compliments the full architectural design feature.

  1. Private Villa in Al Wasl Road by Falcon Interior Decoration LLC

The interior design of this private villa has a great combination of American- French influence which is visible with the selection of hues, furniture design, and complete decorations. The interior design has been carefully set up with unique touches of elegance that creates the atmosphere more relaxing and cozy. The designer has been used as the highest quality of paint and wall materials that have been resulted in an ideal interior design setting.

  1. MSA House Residential Villa, Nadd Al Shibba First Dubai by Archidentity

This modern style villa is specially designed for an all-inclusive family house with a timeless design. It features a great representation of modern art deco which is ideal for family use settings. This villa design is visibly focussed on the spatial layout and pragmatic style. This modern villa is divided into two blocks with geometrical arrangements towards the full architecture design feature that is very suitable for the environmental atmosphere of Nadd AL Shibba, Dubai. The final design features represent great respect with the cultural values of the residents that even it has an exterior mirror setting, the designer made it sure to remain focus on the conservative side of the family.

Luxury Villas in Dubai at its best!

As a center of business and diversity, Dubai is also offering a wide variant of design and services even when it comes to architecture and interior design industry, From a classically timeless design, royal style, contemporary and modern style, there will surely be an exact architectural or interior design firm that will be offering the exact mood that will suits your style. With the listed top architectural and interior design firms that feature one of the best project designs that they have been implemented would be a great tip for better selections. Keep in mind that achieving your dream villa will provide a sanctuary that provides an inner peace after a long day of work, traffic or other personal activities that is why it is very important to consider your personal choices and style in every detail that will be part of the villa.